Just because I can

“Whether you think you can or you can’t — you’re right” – Henry Ford

My name is Stefan, my full name is Stefan Kleinekoort and my baptismal name is Gerardus Stephanus Kleinekoort. Let’s just go with Stefan. A Dutch, 18-year old, stubborn, somewhat social teen who’s live mainly consisted about going to his college where he followed ”International Leisure and Tourism Management”. Since my college was located 2 hours away from my hometown the logical thing to do would have been to move. I didn’t.

No, instead I got up everyday, travelled 2 hours to college, followed 1-2 hours of education and travelled back for another 2 hours (4 if the trains where having trouble). This continued for over a year until I had a mental breakdown and decided that my live wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Thing is that college wasn’t a challenge for me. Even if I didn’t do anything about the course I would probably still make it, I was a participant of the ‘Zesjescultuur’ as we would call it in The Netherlands. ‘Zesjescultuur’ basically means that a student puts in the minimal required effort to get the minimal required score to pass the test, astonishingly this is quite common in The Netherlands reckon that we have actually given it a name.

So, when I finally had this mental breakdown I decided that I needed a challenge, this challenge is the inspiration for this blog. My challenge: I decided I wanted to participate in an Ironman Triathlon. Some of you might think I’m crazy know, others might wonder what the hell an Ironman Triathlon is. An Ironman Triathlon consists out of 3 disciplines: a swim followed by a bike ride and topped of by a run. The crux with an Ironman is that the swim is 3.8K followed by a 180K bike ride and topped of by a full Marathon (42.2K). You might understand why it is called  the most challenging one-day sports event in the world.

Since the sport is mostly done by over-achieving 30/40-year old’s who happen to own 2 companies and manage a family in their spare time, I am far from the stereotype. Instead this post is written by a 18 year-old ex-student who has only recently participated in his first 10K and Half Marathon ever and who has never really done any form of structured excercise. I have no kids (logically), and the money that I earn with my 3 part-time jobs I almost immediatly have to invest in this triathlon thing.

Eventhough this might seem like the most stupid plan in the world, the idea is simply that I can. And believe it or not, I’m already 7 months into my 10,5 month training regime.

This blog won’t be specifically about triathlon, it will simply be about the things that boggle my mind on a daily basis. Since I have lots and lots of time to think about things I therefore want to share them with you and see what your view is on the subjects.

Whether you are gonna read it or not, I wish you all the best with you future challenges!



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