Look Back Sunday #1

Swim bike run

Since I figured it would be nice for all of us to be on the same level, that means that I will have to tell you what I did in the last week. So, tadaaaaa! A new category was born: Look Back Sunday.

It will be my goal to make this a weekly post and tell you on what I was up to, how my training went and I will look forward to next week to see what will be the magic in that week.

Last week I ended with a 4:00 bike ride which turned out to be the most horrible bike ride I had ever had, when I turned around at the half-way point the wind (and therefore life) immediatly punched me in the face which resulted in a fantastic, 2 hours and 15 minutes of very, very slow bike riding with an immensly strong headwind to get back to my hometown. It was horrific, my knees and muscles hurted so much that after an hour of bike riding with headwind I had already decide that I wasn’t going to run for half an hour afterwards. This end of the week bike ride along with some personal issues I had resulted in me being mentally and physically worn out, I got a cold and felt horrible at the beginning of this week.

This bike ride has therefore been the cause of me missing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday training, which is the first time in this 7 months that I have actually missed 3 consectutive days of training. On Thurday I did an hour run along with some gym work. Friday was even less spectacular with a 1 hour bike ride with some (8 minutes of ) high intensity work, just to make sure I am not losing all of my ability to ride hard. I’m fortunate to say, that yesterday got me back on track again: a 1,5 hour run (around 17km) followed by a visit to the gym + ab work and a 45 minute easy bike ride to end the week. All with all I ended up doing 5:45 hours of excercise which is terrific (sarcasm) considering the fact that I had planned to do 13,5. However, I am feeling mentally refreshed and this mentally hard time had me set-up this blog, which is a good thing (yes it is)! A real example of “You win some you lose some”.

For next week I plan on continuing with my schedule which is 14,5 hours of training. To see exactly what I’m up to you can take a look at ‘The Weekly Schedule” which can be found on this blog.

Have a great Sunday!

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