Look Back Sunday #2

Swim bike run

Another end of the week which means it is time for another: Look Back Sunday!

After ending last week with a staggering, through the roof, amazing 5:45(!) hours of training, I’m glad to say that this week has been far more productive. The goal of this week was to get in as many hours as possible (how suprising) and get back into the water for some swimming sessions.

Monday started with an hour 3x6min interval run, I have to say those running intervals are the real killers for me, not specifically during the session but afterwards. 4 hour aerobic bike ride? no muscle pain. 3x6minute interval on Monday? Wednesday my legs will still feel like a truck rode over them. After recovering I hit the pool for some sets and drill work. It felt a little awkward after not swimming for 1,5 week but I pushed through it and was happy with the fact that I got it in.

As a result of the intervals I took it a little bit easier on Tuesday, still got my 45 minute bike ride + 30 minute transition session in along with an hour at the gym but the bike ride looked more like a recovery ride then a true, hard, honest effort .

On Wednesday I went for an hour bike ride with 6×5 minute intervals. Was a little nervous considering the fact that I almost hadn’t done any anaerobic work in the past 2 weeks but it went suprisingly well, it’s great when your body can still handle a workload that your mind doesn’t expect it to carry! I moved my swim session to Wednesday because of evening work the day before.

Thursday it was time to immerse myself in liquid again, I really have to watch my technique considering the fact that my left shoulder hurts a little after 3km of swimming, I know what I have to do to fix it so this will be a focus for the next 3 weeks of the Build Phase. Skipped that 1:15 minute run. Reason: I work on wednesday evening, get home at 1:45 a.m. wake up at 6:45 a.m. to work at 9 a.m. then I get home at 1 p.m. get to the gym and then I have to leave at 5 a.m. to work till 0:30 a.m.. At that moment its either a good night of work or a 1:15 run followed by a horrible time at work and eventually skipping sessions on Friday. Its more of a self-protection thing, I have to build my body, not destroy it. I also moved my gym session to Friday.

Because of the fact that I also work on Thurday evening I normally switch my long bike ride-day with the long run-day, simply because its more doable at that point. So Friday I went for a 1:15 long run followed by an hour of gym work and an hour 100+RPM session on the bike to finish the day. Eventhough this is one of the most demanding days I love it the most, especially the bike session to ‘relax’ my legs.

On Saturday I had to do my long bike session, was feeling quite anxious because the last time that I went on a long bike ride it went HORRIBLE. I had set out a route of which I knew it normally took me 3:30, suprisingly I finished it in 3:00 this mainly of the fact that I pushed harder then normal and there was no wind. Which is a miracle considering I live in The Netherlands AND at the coast which normally means that my normal form of transportation is a wingsuit. The 30 minutes of running immediatly after the bike went great which left me suprised, I had expected it to be harder because I pushed harder on the bike. After that I was of to my cousins’ birthday for some birthdaycake and beer. Got home, raced my way to the city for dinner with my girlfriend and followed that up by a movie.

Total of this week: 13:15 out of 14:30

After all this is what a normal week of mine looks like: Extremely quite days with lots of time followed by extremely busy days where I need at least 19 hours of being awake to get everything in. Its hectic but I have to say I’m becoming better and better at it (finally after 8 months!).

Next week will be a week with less training then usual, it’s not a rest week but on Sunday I will have my own improvised Olympic triathlon! This means that I will only do 6:30 of training but that’s without the time it will take me to race. For the total schedule of next week you can look here!

That was it for this LBS, I hope I have kept you updated and keep on tri-ing!



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