“You Can” – Overcome Reasons Not to Try a Triathlon

All the imaginary reasons why you think you can’t with the logical reasons why you can!

First Time Triathlete


Has completing a triathlon been in the back of your mind, but you haven’t signed up? Do you say, I’d love to do a triathlon one day? Let’s make one day today. There are always reasons to start something one day in the future. These reasons make us put off things we really want to do, until later becomes never.

Here are the top reasons I hear from people for not trying a triathlon, and some suggestions to deal with these issues:

“I can’t – Its too hard” – If you are in a general state of good health you can training and complete a triathlon. If you were to try and race today, it would be too hard. Following through with a good training plan, will get to race day ready. What you should say is I can’t right now.

Training for a race may be difficult at…

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