Has anyone found my Time?

Time Flies
“When you get a groove going, time flies.” – Donald Fagen

A retro clock with wings along with a random quote from somebody that I don’t really know. Life’s reaching an all time high for as far I’m concerned.

But serious, time. is. flying. and it doesn’t seem like I’m in control. It feels like the closer I get to Ironman the shorter the weeks become and the faster it goes, and that’s not a truly relaxing thought if you ask me. Why do the weeks in December seem to last forever while the weeks in April go like they just got their F1 racing license, that’s just not fair in any way.

This week for example, what did I do? Well, yesterday I worked, today I worked, Wednesday I spended time with my girlfriend, Tuesday is a blank page and Monday was an Improvised triathlon. BOOM. and gone is the week, you ready for you 4 hour bike ride + 45 minute run? Like Whaaaaat? And it’s not just about a week to week basis, it’s creeping into my long-term schedule as well.

I have 1 week of building my fitness and from there 7 weeks to build to a ridiculous peak. THAT IS 8 WEEKS OF TRAINING. 8 WEEKS until I will stop building fitness and start taking extra rest. I have worked towards this for 1 and a half year and now you’re telling me that I’m a few weeks away from the thing that I’ve wanted so bad for all that time? Ironman has crept up on me, no doubt.

And in the meanwhile I’m trying to get my life on track for next year. Lots of thing happening next year. Getting back to school AND going to live with my girlfriend, both take a lot of preparation and energy, I mean that are 2 big steps right there and: still have to finish that Ironman.

I’m nervous, emotionally exhausted and excited (what a combo) not-yet-IronTeen who is trying to bring his dream to a phenomenal end while starting up all the great things for next year. How about that.

But as we say in The Netherlands: “De laatste loodjes wegen het zwaarst” which, with all freedom of translation, means: “The last leads way the heaviest”. Yeah, Dutchies are real word-artists, besides ofcourse living in windwills and wearing wooden shoes.

Let’s make the most of the time left!




  1. I know what you mean about time starting to really fly. After next week I have 16 weeks until my first Ironman, and I have always felt that at the 16-week mark of training for past races, everything starts to feel very ‘real’. I imagine that at 8 weeks, like you, I will really be freaking out. Keep at it! You have been working so hard for so long!


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