Look Back Sunday #4: On Monday

Swim bike run

This has been one hectic week.
There has been no structure whatsoever, I trained when I found time, I worked when there was work, I blogged when I had a rare snip of free time and this was all carefully planned around the time that I have spent with my girlfriend this week. 15 hours of training just takes a big chunk out of your schedule as well as mental and physical freshness.

And don’t forget Easter, that son of a *use your imagination*.

I think holidays are great, don’t get me wrong. You spend time with family and you have a nice breakfast, brunch, dinner or whatever your family has for weird Easter tradition, maybe you go moose hunting I don’t know. But as I said, holidays are great BUT when you train for an Ironman it sometimes can be an obstacle thrown on the road to make your planning look even more like a scientist at NASA has been creating it.

On the bright side of the NASA created schedule: I’m entering  my last week of the Build Phase which means I’m almost ready for peaking! Since the majority doesn’t know what I mean, here is a quick guide on “training plans for dummies IronBlog reading experts”:
Fitness Schedule
The Base is meant to build a basic fitness. The Build Phase is meant to (suprise, suprise) Build fitness and the Peak phase is meant to reach that Ironman fitness. This is basically what a training schedule does. For me it’s special to enter another phase because I’m that much closer to it all and Peak phase is the last phase!

Closer, yes. Less hectic, hell no. That’s what I was going with this whole explanation: In the next 8 weeks I will spend a minimum of 16,5 hours and a maximum of 21,5(!) hours a week training, making it even more difficult to plan it all out!  But hey, it really are the last weeks, so let’s just enjoy and make it happen I would say 🙂

And truly, I can’t complain about the end of the Build phase because after this week I’m going to London for 2 days with my cousin. It will be my first (consious) time in England (the last time I was 4 years old and I don’t remember anything) So it will be a great experience to take with me!

Have a great week training, learning, studying, binge drinking, or whatever you’re going to do with this week, all the best and do it with passion! (expect for the binge drinking, let’s take it easy on that one)



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