Triathletes and having Stuff


“I’m a little bit of a geek – I have to be the first person to get new things when they come out. I always want to buy and try new gadgets.” – Tom Felton

We all have stuff, things, objects, whatever you want to call it, let’s go with stuff.

When it comes down to the ‘having stuff’-pyramide triathletes are right below the ‘compulsive hoarders’ and a little above ‘the average woman with a purse’.

Bike, wetsuit, tri-suit, running shoes, running socks, cycling short, running shorts, cycling shirts, running shirts, swimming shorts, swim goggles, swim cap, every kind of supplement that you can probably think of, drinking bottles (a lot of them), spare tires, co2 cartridges, tire changing kit, running belt, special sunglasses, Heart Rate Monitor, Bodyglide and so on.
Most of this is just basic stuff every Ironman needs to get to the starting line.

Basically we are the ultimate victims of the marketing departments of every sports brand and we don’t even care about it.

This, however, has made it very easy for other people in my surroundings to come up with ‘gifts’, because if you can’t come up with a gift for a triathlete then you are the most uncreative person I’ve ever met, ever. Seriously, ever.

But back to the point, my girfriend and I have been together for 2 years now 🙂 and she is quite good at coming up with presents.
Where I already have a headache thinking about potential options a few weeks prior to the given event, she is spot on at the first try.

But this time she couldn’t be more right. ‘Cause I got a Garmin.
Muslims got Mekka.
Christians and Jews got Jerusalem.
Cooks have food and knifes.
And triathletes have giant laptop-like watches that monitor the wattage we put out on our interval bike ride and then upload it automatically to the internet where we can then see what kind of elavation we have had on our 10 mile run, now,  isn’t that great?

Training just got a whole different meaning! 


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  1. Brilliant! I do think that triathletes are the easiest people to buy gifts for. I mean really how hard can that be? I’m always telling my loved ones “now you know not to get me anything that is NOT tri related right?” LOL

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