Look Back Sunday #6: A Special Friendship

Swim bike run

Another end of the week, Another Look Back Sunday!

A strange, strange week. I don’t know what the weather is like in your country but in The Netherlands it has been nothing, absolutely nothing, but rain, the rain that normally falls in the total month of May has now fallen in the last 3 days, it’s crazy! Thanks to the miracle of weather forecasting I already knew at the beginning of this week that that 5 hour bike ride wasn’t going to happen! I sometimes wonder what other people/triathletes do, I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to go out and hit the road, it’s the fact that when I do so I will be sick for the next 2 weeks and hate bike riding for the next 2 months.
in pure simplicity: Rain + serious strong wind + 5  hours of bike riding = a sick hateful me.

Still wanting to do the training I decided to do a bit of imagineering, instead of doing 1 5 hour bike ride, why not divide those 5 hours over 5 days? yeah, how’s that for a solution.

With that solution I also made a new friend: The Indoor Bike.
The Indoor Bike, normally we only hang out on Tuesdays when I do my bike+run in the gym so I kind of new what he was up to. However, I’ve never felt like we could be like, you know, good friends. Those 45 minutes on Tuesday felt like enough for the whole week and there was no way I was going to hang out with him everyday, sometimes twice a day. He was just not my type.
As the week progressed I found out that The Indoor Bike is actually a very special thing that takes a bit of getting used to and can be a very good friend if you try to except him as the beautiful thing that he is. Though I still can’t be in his surrounding for a few consecutive hours, I can ride it twice a day for an hours or so and even getting to that point is a big step forward in our special friendship. Just remember, He may look boring from the outside but with a bit of trust he will show you it’s true potential.

My other special friend, Spinergy (that’s how I named my bike), has been getting maintenance because I thought that after all these months of hard work she deserved some special attention. I will get her back on Tuesday so hopefully she will be refreshed and ready to ride 🙂

All with all the weather seems to be less rainy for upcoming week and I’m looking forward to going at it again, only 5 weeks of building fitness to go so getting really close!

Good luck with the adventures of your week and see you at the next blog!



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