Look Back Sunday #8: Lemons and Ice, Ice, Baby

Swim bike run

Another end of the week, Another Look Back Sunday!

Swim, Bike, Have your knee up in the air with an ice-pack because you overdid it.

When it comes down to excercise I think I’m as close to an addiction as a Meth-junkie. Just like every drug, excercise produces endorphines and overtime we NEED it. Now, how do you feed such an addiction? With more, more, more and more excercise (or meth, depending on which category you’re in). Though this addicition is nicely fullfilled by a training plan that lets you do ridiculous amounts of training, just like every addiction, you will hit rock-bottom at some point.

Pleased with this comparison.

Second run of the week and was my body feeling ready for it? You betcha!.. it wasn’t.
But hey, resting is something you can do AFTER your A-race. Right now is the time for excercising ’till your heart stops.
20 minutes in: feeling good, this was going better then expected!
21 minutes in: 20 minutes in felt a lot better..
25 minutes in: is gravity stronger on this part of the road?
(skip the rest of the run)

Looking back at it the ”AAAAAUUUUUUUUWWWWWWWWWW”-part should have been a good indicator that moving my feet at a speed faster then 5km/h is not the best thing to do.
So that’s exactly what I decided not to do.

Because my long bike ride had gone absolutely fantastic (130K! that’s a hell of a lot kilometres!) I decided that yesterdays run was probably a software mistake in my body and that going for a 2h15min run was the absolute best and wisest thing to do.

You can already feel it coming can’t you?

Ice, Ice, Baby. Knee high up in the air, covered in cooling elements. I had absolutely, amazingly outdone myself this time. 2+hours had turned into barely 1 hour and running had changed into a forced shuffle.
This was not The Road To Ironman Frankfurt 2014, this was The Road To The Nearest First Aid Station.

So, what do you do when live gives you lemons?
You shout at them for the first 2 days because you don’t want these stupid lemons and they came at the worst time imaginable, and then you try to co-operate with the lemons to see if there is a way that these lemons won’t screw your whole year up.

Hint: The lemons are a metaphor for injury. Because some of you aren’t going to get it. 

You might be wondering what the lemons and I have agreed upon?
Well, they were good negotiators but we came to the overall agreement that I won’t run more then 5 hours a week (instead of the 6,5 of this week and the 7 hours a week in the ‘top’ week). I will still try to top my longest run at 3 hours but the runs of the rest of the week will get shorter accordingly.
IF this isn’t going to work out then I will just spend more time on the bike and in the pool. The most important thing is that I will be able to run a Marathon on the 6th of July so there is no point in overdoing it 6 weeks out.

Luckily Ice&Sleep(&The Muppets Movie, you know, the once in which they try to raise money for their show, watch it, it’s hilarious) have worked miracles and my knee doesn’t hurt anymore. Gotta be careful though.

Have a great week NOT getting injured and see you at the next blog!



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