Watery Flashback

“Looking back, of course, it was irresponsible, mad, forlorn, idiotic, but if you don’t take chances then you’ll never have a winning hand, and I’ve no regrets.” – Bernard Cornwell

Some of my worst and best insights happen in a box of water that is 25 meters in length. The pool.
I don’t know what it is but sometimes things just hit me. Ofcourse not referring to the foot of the person in the other lane that is clearly not staying there. Get back idiot!
No, I’m talking about those random ‘special’ insights that you sometimes have when you are doing tasks that involve no particular brain activity whatsoever. Like swimming.

Yes we’re gonna take the nostalgic-highway here so strap in.

Out of nowhere I saw the Stefan of 11 months back. Standing at the edge of the pool. In his tight swim shorts that, by the way, felt really awkward. And he was about to take his first ever lap of this year.
Had he ever done a training session in the pool? Nope.
Had he ever done more then 25 meters of freestyle in a row? Probably not.
Did he know how to do proper freestyle? Nope, probably not.
Was he nervous? The above three questions should give an indication.

So he jumped in and.. He had done it! Yes, it had been hard but he had pushed through and totally out of breath he reached the wall, legs cramping, lungs burning but he had done it! I had swum 1 lap. 

152First thoughts: How the hell was I going to swim 3.8K or, to stay in the ‘lap’ calculation:
A hunderd fifty-two laps. (Just look at it! standing there like Mr. Bigshot! What an ego!).
It was like water has the magic ability to flush fitness right of you, one moment you had it and once you got in the pool: Bam! Gone. Fitness? what fitness? I was hanging on the wall like a 20K long distance swimmer after a world record attempt. In reality I had swum a distance that the average GPS-watch wouldn’t even recognize as movement at all.

Having such a flashback is something that inspires me to keep on going. It reminded me on how the first 100 meters felt like a triumph, and then 500, 1000, all the way up to 3500 twice a week, and I know it will feel the same way, or maybe even better, when I run out of the Waldsee because I just finished an IronSwim 🙂

So while everybody out there is saying “Don’t Look Back” I’m saying to hell with that. I’m looking back and it makes me appreciate the present and future even more, now isn’t that wonderful?

The Past is Great, The Present is Fantastic and The Future is going to be Phenomenal.


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