Look Back Sunday #9: Water, Tarmac and Public Transport

Swim bike run

Another end of the week, Another Look Back Sunday!

After last weeks LBS in which I stated that ‘the lemons’ made it virtually impossiblé (yes, that’s French, notice the ‘é’) for me to run, I tried again on Monday. I guess when I say that it was a 900 meter run you can guess if that is bad or not. (Hint: I’m in peak fitness and my longest run is supposed to be 2,5 hours.)

Running was out the window.

The outcome of this ‘No Running Policy’ was that this week has been totally devoted to the liquid that gives all species live and the 2-tires No-Co2-Whatsoever device. Swim and bike it was.

Then Saturday showed up. And on Saturday I bike. A lot.
5,5 hours on the schedule and Me and Spinergy (lovely name right :)) Where ready to hit the tarmac. and dunes. and tiling, damn tiling. But mostly tarmac.

1,5 hours in and eventhough I was a little stiff & cold because of headwind, things weren’t looking all that bad.
Until the tarmac stopped and the tiling took over.
See the problem with tiling is that it’s not as smooth as tarmac. or a moutain bike trail. or the beach of Normandy on the 6th of June in 1944. What I’m saying is that few things are as unpleasant as getting your crotch punched by a saddle that feels like it’s made out of wood and on which you’ve already been sitting for 90 minutes.

Tak, tak, tak. The tiling was testing my bike rims. tak, tak, tak, T-A-K, tak, tak tak. ‘That was quite a big hit, but hey, I’m probably fine.’ I thought to  myself.
Fast forward 50 meters and there I was, flat tire.

well, grab your spare tire and repair kit and fix it!” I hear you say.

Yeah, about that, well, you see, I don’t have spare tires or a repair kit.

Yes, you read that right, I don’t have any. Wanna know why? Because these things cost money and I have spend it on other things, like Bodyglide. What it all boils down to is that I’ve spend my money on things that I needed immediatly and since I haven’t had a flat tire with this bike ever I didn’t feel the need to purchase it. While in the meanwhile my skin was being ripped apart so that Bodyglide thing, for example, took the upperhand.
That’s how it has been going for 300 days. Until yesterday.

So, what is you’re next move then? After making a quick phonecall with my father who happened to be on the other side of the country camping with my mother. I decided there was one thing to do:
Public Transport.
Quick planning and I found out that I first had to take the bus and then the tram.

Now, I don’t feel uncomfortable quickly but when I was standing at the bus top, with my tricked out tri bike, helmet, 3 water bottles, cycling shoes and a sexy ass tight fitting tri-suit that screams: Look at my crotch! , waiting to catch a bus, I did.
After the bus driver let me in for free because she pitied the idiot I was, I spend the remaining 30 minutes of the bus IMG_20140531_122552drive explaining around 40 people why someone would take the bus when they had such a bike, that by the way, blocked the total entrance of the bus.

After leaving the bus and being looked at by every passenger in the passing trams, I finally took myself and Spinergy home, Thank god I had made it.

So with the remaining 4 hours of training not being done. How was I going to fix it?
The option to give up for this weekend briefly passed  my mind but that was not going to happen. I knew I was going to give up my rest day but that didn’t matter, this wasn’t about being smart, this was about priciples, about proving myself that I was going to train no matter what live was going to throw at me.

I was of to the gym. After 1,5 hours on the indoor bike I called it a day. On Sunday, which was supposed to be my rest day, I jammed in 1 hour on the indoor bike and went striaght through to the pool for 3,5K of swimming. I had made up for my training and that actually made me kind of proud, I hadn’t given up but pushed through, because I had to.

For next week I am going to start running again and hopefully that week of rest has paid off.
So for now:

Have a great week pushing yourself just a bit further then that you’re comfortable with and see you at the next blog!




    1. Haha, no, I’ve had better experiences! But these things have happened to me a lot throughout this year and I’m getting better at handling them 🙂 Great you enjoyed the post!^^


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