Look Back Sunday #10: Can Swim, Can’t Bike, Can’t Run

Swim bike run

Another end of the week, Another Look Back Sunday!

The main subject of the last 2 LBS’s where that I can’t run anymore because of a painful knee.
Question: Can I run now?
Answer: No.
Just like last week I decided to start the week with a run. and then a walk. walk slowly turned into shuffle.
This wasn’t working.

I had to come up with at solution that would keep my body used to the impact of running but without having to bend my knee (the part that hurts like hell).
What kind of magical super expensive fitness workout let’s you build fitness without having to bend your knee?
I hear you wonder. Rope Jumping is the answer.
Yep, I have been rope jumping, skipping, defeating gravity, whatever you want to call it. Actually more then I had hoped for but we will get to that in a minute.

Luckily, and thank the universe for this, I could still swim AND bike. So my week now consisted out of swimming, biking more then usual and rope jumping. This was looking less and less like I was training for an Ironman, or triathlon for that matter.

Then came Friday, and as you may know by now, that is the day that I bike. A lot.
The Grand Plan: Ride 180K from my home city to the camp site where my parents have a caravan and stay with them for the weekend. Simple, spin your pedals for 180K, I could do that.
The Grand Plan in Reality: Ride your bike for 50K, discover that your knee isn’t feeling all that great. 20K later that knee is starting to  become a little annoying. 10K later, that knee is being a jerk for ruining your 180K.
So at 90K I was not really sure where this was heading. Then came the beautiful milestone of 100K.
And with this beautiful milestone came a razor sharp imaginery knife that was put right into my left knee.
I was in pain.
That, for me, was the point where I had to be realistic and decided that that 180K bike ride had to wait for the 6th of July in Frankfurt. A quick phone call to my dad and he was on his way to pick me up.

There I was, sitting in a beautiful forest, I heard birds whistling their songs, my knee was in pain and I was eating my energy bars and drinking my sports drinks.
Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” was playing from my phone. That song just gets me and I needed it right now.
Why? Because I have been preparing for this race 1,5 years by now and 1 month out my knee decided to give up on me. I just wanted to listen to the song and: “Forget about life for awhile”.

It’s time to bounce back one more time. I thought to myself. 1,5 year of preparation and dedication is not going to be ruined by a knee that refuses to co-operate. One more time.
Oke, I can’t bike and I can’t run, but I CAN swim and I CAN rope jump. So if that’s what I got then that’s what I have to work with.
Ironman represents life, all the joy and hardship bundled up in one race. Right now life gave me a challenge and I had to bounce back once again.

Which brings me to what I have done this weekend. Jumping Rope.
30 minutes on Friday after my bike ride, 105 minutes on Saturday and 90 minutes on Monday.
Now I’m back home and my plan for this week is very straight forward: Swim 1,5 hours each day and jump rope 1 hour each day. In the meanwhile I’m going to get a doctors appointment and get some sport massages.

will be race fit on the 6th of July and if that means that I have to go mindless hours in the pool or rope jumping then I will do that. If that means that I have to go see a doctor and get physiotherapy then I will do that. If that means I have to spend even more money and get sport massages, then by all means: I will do that. 

I will be race fit, simple because I have promised myself that I was going to make it no matter what would happen, and right now I’m just grateful that I can still swim and jump rope.

Have a great week bouncing back and see you at the next blog!



    1. Thanks for the tip! Already thought of that but the problem with my knee is NOT the impact, it’s the fact that just bending it hurts and so running in deep water is not an option, still the knee bending 😦 I will have to go with swimming and rope jumping for now till the doctor gives me more insight information.


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