How Hard is Training for an Ironman?

Yes, you can admit it.
Don’t be shy, we have all thought about it.
The first time you hear about Ironman you think: Is that possible?
 Once the dust settles and the mind is getting time to analyze what it has just discovered, the  second question eventually comes to mind: you start to think about    what it takes to get to the  starting line. Since this blog is created to help people and  give insight in what Ironman is all about,  this post will answer this question for you. So:

How Hard is Training for an Ironman?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you, the truth will probably help you a lot more: It’s hard.
Really, really hard for that matter.
Ofcourse this differs from person to person.
Let’s paint the picture with the help of Person A, B and C:

Person A: Are you an adventure seeking, limit searching, explorer who has dedicated his life to broadening his mind and moving his own limits, physically as well as mentally? Then hey, Ironman will still be a challenge but you will figure it out. You know what you are capable of and Ironman can be a great way to find your limits once again.

Person B: Is a moderatly active, middle-of-the-pack achiever who likes to get out of his comfort zone once in a while but certainly not all that often or on a regular basis. For you Ironman will be (really) hard. Ironman will take you out of your comfort zone on a daily basis and this will take adjusting, physically as well as mentally. You’re up for a challenge.

Person C: Aaaaah, Person C. You don’t think you are Person A or B? Then there is a good chance that you are  Person C. Person C has spend the previous years on the couch or behind a desk,  probably with his good pale Mr. Lays Chips. Always in his comfort zone and not even  once thinking about leaving it, even for just a brief moment. Now that has changed,  whatever the reason may be, maybe you got a sudden life changing vision and now you  are here: sitting behind your computer/smartphone and google-ing how hard an Ironman can possible be. Well, fasten your seatbelt because for you Ironman is going to be Hard, Harder, Hardest. 

“So does this mean that training for an Ironman is not possible for me?”

I have already posted about that once before right here. The short answer is that everybody can do an Ironman. It all comes down to your motivation and determination.

So, yes, Ironman training is hard and depending on which person you are it could possible be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. This, however, doesn’t mean that it’s impossible because it’s not. Though it’s hard it is also very rewarding to do. Do you really think people train for an event throughout the year without having the feeling that it rewards them or adds value to their lives? That’s not the case.
Ofcourse we all have our ups and downs, we’re just humans.

My final advice would be to tell you that, though this article may give you an indication of how hard it can be, you won’t now how hard it is until you are in the process of actually training for the event. It differs from person to person. All you have to now is that tens of thousands of people have gone before you, and the majority of them weren’t highly fit super athletes, they were fathers/mothers/teens and even granddads and grandmothers. You will fit in perfectly, I promise.

Give it a try, it’s super rewarding!


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