Believe, The Foundation Of It All


verb: \be-ˈlév\
– to accept or regard (something) as true
– to accept the truth of what is said by (someone)
– to have (a specified opinion)

Believe, the foundation of it all.
Without believe one wouldn’t be able to start something new because the prospect of succeeding does not come to mind. Without believe ‘the first man on the moon’ would still be something out of a somewhat   overrated science fiction book. Without believe America would not exist on any map of the world, because Columbus would have never tried sailing a different route. Without believe sports would have been an unknown concept, because one would ”never be able to do that”.

It’s all you sometimes need.
The Netherlands vs. Spain, 13 June 2014. Spain as the World Champion, a team with quality, a ‘tick-tack’ approach and one of the teams who had a great shot at the title for this year. The Netherlands, a young, unexperienced team with ”The Golden Three”: Robben, Van Persie and Sneijder. They had lost from Spain in the final of the 2010 World Championship and nobody thought they had a shot at winning this time. And everybody was right… until the 44th minute. One legendary goal from Van Persie and the match had already been played. Fast forward to the final whistle and the scoreboard states a incredible 1-5 for The Netherlands. Leaving Spain absolutely bewildered. 

Believe kicked in.
A wave of football analysts threw themselves on the question: what happened? Was Spain not fit? Had the tactic of The Netherlands been a masterstroke? This could not be the case, Spain had had the winning hand for the first 44 minutes and The Netherlands had been playing the same system before and after the 44th minute. There is only one logical explanation: Believe had kicked in.
We had seen in it previous, friendly matches: the tactic and new system didn’t work, The Netherlands played weak against Wales and Ecuador and they knew it, as a result they didn’t believe in it, making there quality of the game less and less with each passing match. Right after that 44th minute something happened, you could feel it. They started believing. There it was, the system had worked flawlessly for the first time and look what came out of it. They could do it and they knew it! From  there on there was no holding back and The Netherlands absolutely crushed Spain with 4 goals in the second half, giving spain the beating of their football history.

All you sometimes need is believe.
Just take a moment and let this occupy your mind for a moment. It’s not that their system didn’t work, it’s not that they   were less fit than Spain, it was the fact that they didn’t believe in it. Once they got a spark of       hope and saw what they could do, that was the point of no return.
Now translate this back to your life, no matter if it’s sport, business, family or something else. Have you been stuck at a point where it seems like you haven’t been improving? Does it look       like you are at the exact same spot as you were 3 weeks ago? Does it seem like your new training approach isn’t working?
Maybe, it does work. It might just be that it’s not the system that isn’t working, it’s you who doesn’t believe in it.

Just believe.
We immediatly change things when they don’t seem to work at first try, constantly looking for new ways to replace the old ones because they are potentially better, but how many times do we just take time and believe in the approach we have chosen with our wise minds and give it the time to settle. It could be that over time, when we put our believe in the approach we have chosen, that approach shows us its true potential and becomes the best thing that has ever happened to you. All because you believed.

Thank you.


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