Look Back Sunday #11: Insecurity and TaperTime

Swim bike run

Another end of the week, Another Look Back Sunday!

With every first time come a few questions that you can’t answer until you have actually done it.
This question for me, and certainly other Ironman, is: am I fit enough?
There’s no scale where you can stand on that tells you ”Yes, You are IronFit” or ”Getting there! Train for 2 more weeks”.

All you know is how you felt on your last long bike ride and how that last long run has been working out for you. That little bit of knowledge, that little bit of indication, I don’t have it. I’m stuck at the side line with a jump rope and a pool to keep me fit.
How I felt at my last swim? Great! but how does that give me an indication for a 180K bike ride?
How I felt at my last 2 hour jump roping session? Fantastic! But how does 2 hours of jump roping weigh up to an Ironman Marathon?

My longest bike ride (140K) was 3 weeks ago, meaning that I had my longest bike ride 6 weeks out from Ironman.
And my longest run (25K) was 5 weeks ago, meaning that I had my longest run 8(!) weeks out from Ironman.
Normally they should both have been done 3 weeks out. Which was this week.

However, I didn’t do them this week. I swam 4,5 hours and rope jumped 9 hours. 13,5 hours where I should have done 20. Taper has started prematuretly. Why did I do so little? Well, How do you fix missing a 6 hour bike ride and a 3 hour run?  Are you going to swim for 9 consecutive hours? Are you going to rope jump for 9 hours? It’s almost not fixable, when you miss it, you miss it and all you can do is save what you can… but there is almost no saving.

Right now it’s officially TaperTime and I will have to except that I’m not going to get any fitter then I currently am, all I can do is taper properly and make sure I’m as fresh as possible in 21 days.
Insecurity is a part of live.

How fit am I?
The 6th of July will tell.


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