Look Back Sunday #12: Help! It’s Falling Apart!

Swim bike run

Another end of the week, Another Look Back Sunday!

Yep, it’s falling apart.
Am I talking about my bike? No
Mental endurance then? No
My relationship? Thank god NO!
Something even worse (I don’t want to be held responsible for saying that…)
The subject I’m adressing here is my organism. Read that again, I’m sure you got that wrong horny bastard.

In other words, my body is slowly but consistenly giving up on me. I’m sure that some of you guys now what’s up with me since I have pointed it out here, here, here and ooh, here.

Since all that I have changed up training and started rope jumpin’. (jumpin’, how hardcore).
Which went extremely well until I started noticing lower back pain. Which, turns out, is because of the freaking rope jumpin’. 

Jump Rope

Trampling my jump rope for being so painful!

Lesson we can all learn from my mistake: if you Swim/Bike/Run 20 hours a week, then that DOESN’T mean that you can do that for any other randomly chosen form of excercise for the same amount of time. I did not came up with this myself, my lower back told me.

All with all 10,5 hours turned out to be it for this week, slightly less then the 14 I was hoping for but listening to my body is still my #1 priority, there’s no use in wrecking my young, adolescent body any further 14 days(!!!!) out from a 140.6 mile ‘race’.
By the way, that’s 226.3 kilometres the equivalent of going from The Netherlands to ENGLAND in one straight line!

Like, I can't even see England from here.

Yes, you can take the bike through the North Sea.

The other hours of this week where spend, right here, on this blog. I’m putting more time in improving it. coming up with new ideas, making changes to the layout and I’m thinking about moving to an own domain (ironmanstefan.com). I’m really putting some quality time into this. This week I have been really busy with My Grand Life StoryIf you haven’t already read it, take a look, there has been a lot of time invested in it and that way we can get to know eachother a little better!

Me with a baby, if this doesn’t catch your interest for M.G.L.S. then what will?!

So, what will my future endeavours be for this week?
Blog, certainly, Swim, still Jump rope but a lot less then the past 2 weeks.
Did I already mention freaking the hell out over the fact that Ironman Frankfurt is 2 weeks out? No? Then add that to the list.
Another week, Here we go!


What are you excited for in the upcoming weeks? Also an Ironman or something else?
Let me know in the comments!


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