Fix Your Food: 10 Weight Loss Tips for a Healthy Diet

First off, if you’re looking for a diet plan that:
A) Makes you lose weight fast.
B) Contains a daily intake of 1200 calories a day.
C) consists out of pills, shakes or any other chemically produced substance.

Then this is not going to be the thing you’re looking for, HOWEVER, if you just gave me the change to tell you what this will be about and explain it to you then it could fix your struggles with weight loss and going from one diet to the other (yes, lots of people have been there and since you clicked on this article, you are probably still there). Follow the tips I’m going to tell you and you will be able to maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life.

Pills for breakfast? Not anymore!

The approach we’re going to take here will be a different approach. “Why?” you may wonder, very simple: All the other diets that you have seen that promise one of the ABC-statements listed above do NOTHING to help you with weight loss or become a more healthy person for the rest of your life. All they do is make you lose weight and then after the diet is over the weight comes back on, you’re yo-yoing  weight!

The Problem with Diet Plans

Before we get into the weight loss tips I first want to explain to you why all the other diet plans that you have tried or read don’t work when it comes to maintaining weight loss.

  1. They are designed to make profit
    Yes they are, and you know why? because you are actually willing to pay for them. How many times have you considered or even bought a diet plan because it promised this and this result in this amount of weeks? Exactly, and you know why most of them don’t work when it comes to maintaining weight loss? Because if they would, then they wouldn’t be able to sell you another diet plan, and another, and another. Dieting is a market, don’t be a victim.

    Don't wear this tag

    Don’t be that person

  2. They don’t make any changes to your normal daily intake. 
    Most of the programs consist out of shakes, pills or even 1200 calories a day. Are you going to take these things for the rest of your life? are you going to eat 1200 calories the rest for you life? changes are, you’re not, and when the diet finishes, so does you weight loss. The bag of chips comes out again, that chocolate bar for lunch show up and voila! Within a few weeks those lost pounds are back on. Nothing has changed.
  3. They are to extreme. 
    As said, most of the programs let you do things that you’re body is not used to. The shakes and pills give you a somewhat ‘full’ feeling but they don’t give your body any form of calorie to burn. You may now think “But that’s good right? No calorie intake -> Body burns fat -> Weight loss”. Well, again, it works but only for the period that the diet lasts.
    After the diet, when you resume your normal food intake, your body suddenly goes from getting 1200 calories to 2000+ calories. Because it was in “survival mode” (low calorie intake means that your body starts saving every bit of food it gets) during the dieting period, it now starts collecting all those extra calories and stores them as fat(!) for when there will be another period of low calorie intake. You’ve set your body into “Survival Mode” and now it refuses to actually burn calories.

 10 Tips For Weight Loss

Before we get into the tips for weight loss I want to make a few things clear, these tips will help you:
A) Lose weight gradually over a prolonged period of time until you reach your ideal weight
B) Will help you feel more energetic and fresh
C) make some changes in your normal daily food intake. No Shakes. No Pills. No Enormous Calore Deficits.

Now we have gotten that out of the way, let’s start with the tips:

  • Cut the junk food
    Want to lose weight and maintain that weight loss? Then junk food has to go, there’s a reason why we call it junk food and that’s because it is indeed junk. Want to know why junk food tasts so good? Because it’s either fried in pure fat, has been bathed in salt or has been overloaded with sauce, and yes, those things taste good but will all be stored as fat. If you want to lose weight then you have to cut junk food.
    All of it? Well, when it comes down to McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Your Local Snackbar or any other form of Fast Food Restaurant, then: Yes, all of it.
    Does that occasional chocolate cookie at the end of the day has to go? No
    Does that mean you can eat 5 of them every evening? No.
    Moderation is the key.

    The less you eat this, the faster you lose weight.

    The less you eat this, the faster you lose weight.

  • Know the difference
    Not all fats are bad fats. Not all sugars are bad sugars. There is even such a thing as “essential fat” and “essential sugars”. Did that hit you by suprise? probably.
    It’s simple, your body needs fat and sugar to function. Problem is that, in our minds, we have linked fat to junk food and sugars to soda.
    What we forget here is that butter/olive oil contains essential fats (again, moderation) and that fruit contains essential sugars to keep our body fully functioning and help keep that metabolism fired up.
    I could go on and on about this so I will write another blog, this week or next week, to explain this fully. It will also be linked in this blog. Stay tuned.
  • Whole foods are your friends
    As wikipedia defines it: “Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed.
    The less a product is refined or processed, the less bad sugars and fats it will contain.
    For example:
    Whole Food: Brown bread with seeds
    Processed variant: White bread
    Whole Food: Biological Grape Juice
    Processed variant: Supermarket Grape Juice
    Rule of Thumb: The less a product has its original form, the more likely it is to be processed and contain things that you’re trying to cut out. The upcoming article will also explain this more thoroughly.

    Love Whole Foods

    Love Whole Foods

  • Watch out with the sauce!
    How delicious sauce may be, it contains high amount of processed sugars and fats, and as you may know by now, that’s a no-no. Moderation is again the key here. If you truly can’t live without the sauce then Google some recipes for ”how to make -insert sauce-“. There are lots of healthy sauce recipes out there and this way you can control what you put in it. It is also a great way to make you more concious about what you actually eat! That will certainly help with the prolonged weight loss goal.
  • Soda is the silent one
    You can eat as healthy as you want but if you keep drinking soda like it’s the only thing that will keep you alive then weight loss will not happen. Without actually realizing it, soda contains huge amounts of sugars, which can actually cause diabetis and, again, the sugars get stored as fat, the thing you’re trying to lose!
    How about diet soda? Not a single bit better, diet sodas contain such a large amount of chemicals that you’re wrecking you body from the moment you take it. Read this article I found for more scientific information
  • Excercise, it works
    If you have been struggling to lose weight then I can probably safely assume that you don’t run Marathons during weekends. Don’t feel offended, that’s probably the way it is. Ever seen a sub 4-hour Marathon runner who was 10+ kilo overweight? probably not.
    Thing is, excercise fires up your metabolism and burns fat like it’s its job (which it then is).
    No time? yeah, I knew that one was coming.
    Well, let me introduce you to your new friend: The Rope Jump.
    Rope jumping, depending on how intensively you do it and how much you weigh, can burn up to 900(!) calories per hour. Meaning that you can burn 225 calories per 15 minutes of rope jumping. You have 15 minutes of spare time and you know it, now buy a $5 dollar rope jump and excercise. Check out this site for calculating how much you can burn with rope jumping!

    Be that person.

    Be that person.

  • Eat 5-6 times a day
    Most of us are used to eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Why? Simple because it fits into our schedule. The problem with this is that you fire up you metabolism in the morning but because it doesn’t get any food during breakfast and lunch it stops. Same goes for Lunch and Dinner. You fire it up, then it stops, fire up, stops etc. Not a very efficient way of burning calories!
    The key here is to eat 5-6 times a day but smaller meals. Your body will get the same amount of calories but will burn a whole lot more of excess fat! Just be efficient with how and when you eat and you will  see long term results!
    Note: Don’t skip breakfast, if you do that then you won’t get your metabolism started and you won’t burn any fat! 
  • Blame it on the alcohol
    If you are serious about your weight loss then a good way to achieve it can be by cutting alcohol. Alcohol drinks are liquid calorie bombs and depending on how much alcohol your drink contains it can start adding up quickly.
    For example: Look at this scheme.
    As you will see different beers can vary from 63 calories per bottle to 330(!) calories per bottle. It doesn’t matter how much you try, if you keep overdoing alcohol then you simple won’t lose weight. Keep in mind that one drink from time to time won’t radically impact weight loss.
    Again moderation.
  • Eat healthy first, THEN modify if needed.
    Though you may be tempted to start eating healthy and immediatly create a calorie deficit, remember that the goal is prolonged weight loss. Eating healthy will actually cause weight loss, it’s that simple. Since you’re not stuffing you body with processed fats and sugar you’re body will have less to store and burn the excess fat that you already carry with you.
    When you have eaten healthy for, let’s say, 1-2 months (the time it will take to get the hang of healthy eating) THEN you can create a calorie deficit and lose some extra weight if you’re not yet there.
  • Creating a healthy calorie deficit. 
    In order to create a healthy calorie deficit we’re not going to go on the 1200 calorie tour. In my opinion this is too much and is on the edge of turning your body straight into Survival Mode. Assuming that the calorie intake of a moderatly active woman should be 2000 calories and that of a moderatly active man should be 2500, I advise both groups to go to a maximum of 20% below there daily intake. Meaning that woman should aim for 1600 on the lowest point and men should aim for 2000 on the lowest point.
    Since this is a so-called moderate calorie deficit it is:
    A) Easy sustainable for longer period of time with only a moderate amount of energy loss.
    B) Still creates noticeable weight loss if sustained properly.

    Drop those calories

    Finally, drop those calories

I hope that I have been able to give you a different, healthy and sustainable approach to weight loss and healthy eating. Now, apply them in your own lifestyle and you will see the long-term results.

Anything missing? Improvements? Let me know in the comments, I’m curious to read your view on this subject!

 More blogs about Food, Diet and Training coming up!


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