Final Ironman Post: Almost Showtime!

With Ironman heading towards me with the speed of an Australian forest fire during summertime, It is time.
Time to pack, leave and see what kind of moments I will experience in Frankfurt.
Time to relax and immediatly follow that up by an unreasonable peak in adrenaline because I just thought about the mass start.
Time for list. Lots and lots of lists (say that quick, 10 times, come on!)

What kind of lists? well all of them.

  • Swim list
  • Bike list
  • Run list
  • Other gear list
  • Clothes list
  • What if it is rainy weather list?
  • What if it is sunny weather list?
  • Nutrition plan list
  • 2-day Pre-Ironman list
  • Morning of Ironman list
  • What-kind-of-lists-do-I-already-got list


When I finally find time from not making lists and not doing anything that one of the previously mentioned lists above tells me to do, I sit behind my computer and basically stare at this blog, hoping that there is something that I can do, change or maybe even write a post ( I made a Facebook page for AthetlicAthlete, go check it out and while you’re at it, give it a like if you will! 🙂 ). In other words, I’m clueless and waiting for Sunday 7 A.M. to arrive, ooh yeah, and when you conciously wait for something that is so far out, it takes a loooooooooong time.
Compare it to waiting for your Sunday morning train, only you start waiting at the station at the beginning of the week on Monday, I bet that train will seem to take decades to arrive.

I'm watching you o_o

Sitting behind my computer, I’m watching you o_o

Someting else I have been able to conclude is that my body is not liking the fact that I can’t train immense hourse. At this point that means that this week I will swim 2-3 hours. Which makes my body go likeWhere the hell are my endorphines dude?” and then I tell it that it can’t have endorphines because it will become it’s death. Then my body refuses to rehab, wonders of to the corner of the street to buy some endorphines from his local dealer, gets caught by undercover police and is then forced to rehab Cold Turkey Style.

You totally get me right?

So that is it, for now I will wait a little longer and  hopefully the next post on this blog will be something like:


It’s Showtime.



    1. Ooh man! Can’t wait to get there, I still can’t believe that I’ve put myself into the position where in I can become an Ironman in less then 5 days! Those words will be A-MA-ZING!! 😀 Thank you for the encouragement^^


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