Ironman Frankfurt 2014 Race Report (Part 3): The Aftermath

Since the IronPain that Frankfurt had given me has left my body and has been stored for futher body-breaking events,
lets conclude this Oh-my-god-I-am-doing-an-Ironman-what-the-hell-am-I-doing-year with one final race report post.

The first week after Ironman

Is WEIRD. Simple. That’s what it is.
Like, you don’t have to train anymore for that monster race, you have done it.
it has beaten the hell out of you and you can still clearly feel that 4 days after Ironman given the fact that standing up is not so much standing up but more an intense struggle with the gravity that is located around the couch.
All with all you are proud. As a matter of fact so proud that when people wait 5 minutes to ask about how your Ironman went, you already feel insulted because they waited 5 minutes.
“Ï FINISHED A GODDAMN IRONMAN, ASK MEEEE!!!!” is the general mindset of this week.
Not your fault ofcourse, unless it is a crime to be awesome 😉

This puppy explains my point more thoroughly.

Besides the general awesomeness on which your week is based, there are also the ”And now?” moments.
These moment can happen anywhere at any time. All of a sudden it hits you: “you have conquered your goal, and now?”
Problem being that the last year of your life has revolved around Ironman and since that is now gone you are lost in a world full of oppertunities and feel that there is nothing else to ever be done, ever, like, this was it, bury yourself, it’s over.

Ofcourse, doesn’t have to be sand, tarmac also works great, but you get it, right?

As far as I go I can say that things aren’t all that bad at the other side of the finish line.
It’s actually nice to put some time in other aspects of my life, I mean, they have gotten a beating in the past few weeks, ofcourse not literally, that would be cruel.
Though I miss being extremely active, I still go for long walks, ride my bike and I go running with my girlfriend.
Since she is just picking it up and I’m recovering from an Ironman we are basically a perfect combo at that point, I am not allowed to do much, she isn’t yet physically able to do much. A match made in heaven.
Also my grandma participates in a ”4-day walk event”, but since she is in a wheelchair the family has to push her, great way to keep those post-Ironman legs fresh!

Taking my 84 year old grandma for a walk and a selfie.

Taking my 84 year old grandma for a walk and a selfie.

So, what does the future has to offer to me and therefore this blog?
Right now, I’m doing my best at typing a lot of blogs.
Why? Because I will be gone from 1 August to 21 August to go for a 350 kilometer walk to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Basically, me, my girlfriend, father and sister are going to play pelgrim during the holiday so that’s why.
Because I don’t want to leave you with a blank blog for 3 weeks I’m typing content so that I can schedule the posts and it will be posted during the weeks that I’m gone.
Don’t ask why. I love you, that’s why.

See you at the next post on Friday!


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