Athlete Motivation: Turn your Dreams into Goals

Athlete Motivational Quote


Way to many times I see people tell themselves what kind of good intentions they have for themselves in the future:
“I want to finish a marathon”
“I want to eat less candy”
“I want to live healthier”
And so on. Problem with this is that everyone says they want to do something, but there are only a few who actually do it.

Only a few of the people who say they want to do something, actually do it.
They turn their dream into a goal and achieve it.
Suddenly “I want to finish a marathon” turns into “I have signed up for a marathon on the 7th of August at 2 p.m.”
While they go out and achieve their goal, the other group keeps on dreaming and will just stay athletes lost into their own world of good intentions, they are lost in their own dreams because they don’t turn them into goals.

Turn your dream into a goal. Register, set yourself something that you can keep yourself accountable for, “I want to live healthier” is not something you can keep yourself responsible for when you don’t achieve it, “I am going to eat 3 pieces of fruit and can only drink a maximum of 2 glasses of soda a day” is something you can monitor and therefore achieve.

Don’t let that dream die. Turn it into a goal, now.


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