Athletic Food Avocado

Athletic Food: 3 Benefits of Avocado


Last time we saw that watermelon can greatly help you improve you athletic performance, today it’s time for a still green, but much fattier fruit: Avocado

This may seem like an odd chose given the fact that lots of people assume avocado is just a big ball of fat. This is partially true but avocado mostly consists out of so called ”good fats” which are vital for athletic performance. To top it all of, that’s not the only thing why you should consider avocado as part of your daily food intake, let’s dig deeper shall we?

If an avocado would be an athlete then it would be a healthy one.

Why Avocado?

The better question here is: why not? Avocado is packed with so much nutritiens that it almost explodes because of them.
Here is a list of all that it contains:

  • Fats
    Good fats that is, the kind that actually help your body function properly, are vital for athletic performance and don’t make you gain 3 pounds immediatly. One of these fats is called Oleic Acid and has been proven to lower cholestorol levels, making you a more healthy and happier athlete then before.
    Also, regular consumption of healthy fats like the ones that house in avocado has been proven to boost testosterone and growth hormone,  basically this means that you perform better and your muscles repare themselves much faster. Isn’t that what we strive for?
  • Potassium, lots of it.
    Potassium is a electrolyte that is vital for athletes. Reason for this is that a lack of potassium makes your muscles cramp and you will end up at the side of the road, not breaking your personal best. Besides this potassium also helps your overall health by promoting heart and bone health. Since an avocado contains 35% (!) more potassium then a banana (which is known for it) it is therefore a ultra healthy fruit to eat!
  • It is packed with more then 20 vitamins
    Yes, 20 vitamins including Vitamin C, E and B6. Since vitamins are important for an overall healthy lifestyle, and therefore an overall healthy athlete, this fatty-fruit truly gives you bang for your buck.

Turns out this fatty-fruit is a strong allrounder that improves multiple aspects of your diet and therefore you overall performance. With this knowledge in mind I think we can savely conclude that avocado should be on the weekly grocery list of athletes around the world!


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