Off-Season Detoxing and Your Opinion

Strange World

I’m living in a strange world lately, a strange, strange world.
With Ironman out the door things have changed, my physical activity has dropped (still active but ofcourse a LOT less) and free time is reaching an all year high. Strangely enjoyable is what I would call it.

It is clear that my body and my mind are taking a break and with this has come also a ‘dip’ in blogging creativity.
For this I would like to say: I’m sorry.
Fact is that Ironman, and the eventfull hours of training that came with it, where the main inspiration source for this blog and now I have to find that back in another way.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying but it is not yet coming, because of one reason: I’m going on a 3 week holiday very soon (1st of August to be exact).

‘Holiday’ that is. Me, my father, sister and girlfriend are going to walk 350 kilometres striaght through the countryside of Spain to the pelgrim city of Santiago de Compostela. Really looking forward to that but it is kind of stopping me from actually blogging.

Sister, Father, Me, Girlfriend. The prove that we are actually doing this.

Also, remember that Ironman Frankfurt was only 2,5 week ago so I am not yet able to do some real training. So now you know what is coming up for me, let me tell you what the future of this blog will be:

  • September/October:
    I’m going to do strength training to get fitter for my next triathlon year! So expect strength training related content for this period 🙂
  • November/December:
    For this period I’m planning to focus on getting better at cycling and swimming so the content will take a tour that way.
  • January >
    From here I am planning on getting back into all 3 disciplines of triathlon but who knows, maybe I will stumble on something interesting in the mean time!

Note: All the periods will include the Athletic Food Blogs I write on Monday, since you have been showing to like them 🙂

But first: Holiday. I really need a break after this year of training so 3 weeks of walking will be a good way to relax!
After that I will be back with a whole lot of new content ready to stuff your athletic minds with new information.

But wait, there’s more!

Before you leave I want to ask you one question:
What would you want me to write about? Since I write this blog for YOU I am hoping that you want to give me feedback on the content that you find interesting. Seriously, tell me and I will write it! You can either tell me in the comments below or tweet me on Twitter 🙂 I hope you take the oppertunity!

Here’s a picture that emphasizes how much I want you to tell me!


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