Innocent Orange Juice

A Natural Product and Its Beatiful Simplicity

Innocent Orange Juice

Today I stumbled upon a thing I see to little or better said never, like never ever.
In this society were food mainly consist of concentrate this, E number that, powder form such, take a pill so, I (and I think many others) had concluded that it is impossible to make a fresh natural product that doesn’t contain any of the above mentioned substances.

Why had I concluded that? I don’t know.
Mainly because I thought that in the process of, for example, making orange juice freshy pressed oranges would expire before they hit the shelves of our local supermarkets.
This thought didn’t necessarily came from the fact that I believed it, I mean, Subway makes sandwiches with fresh products so why wouldn’t our supermarkets be able to provide us with that?
No, it came from the thought of ”If it would be possible then somebody would have already made it happen”.

Though this thought has lived in my unknowing mind for quit a while, today was the day that it had to make place for a new one, because I stumbled upon Innocent Orange Juice.
Allow me to let you read the ingredient list of this exact product.

Innocent Orange Juice Ingredients

See what I mean?

Since it doesn’t say it in English (though I bet you have guessed it by now) it states that Innocent Orange Juice contains 11 freshly pressed oranges. Not anymore, not any less. Freshly pressed oranges.
When you flip the bottle you eye sees this:

Innocent Vowels

Amazing huh?

To summarise it:

  • No concentrate. Ever.
  • the bottle is 25% recycable
  • !0% of their profit goes to charity.

In all it’s simplicity Innocent makes a product that, in my opinion is an example for the rest of the food industry.
Yes, E numbers are cheaper then real oranges. Yes, concentrate is too.
However the beauty of a natural product, marketed in a way that we as consumers can see as honest and at the same time showing that your company has a concious and realistic vision of how a product should be, you just can’t put a value on that.
A great product for healthy, concious people and athletes  around the world.


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