Athletic Food: Eggs for Athletes


Last 2 times we saw that Watermelon & Avocado can help athletes perform better, this time we are moving away from the fruit and are taking on one of the most basic foods out there: The Egg.

Yes, eggs. The simple egg may look like it can do fairly little for anybody, I mean, it’s just an egg. Still the science says that eggs can help all sorts of athletes that are serious about their athletic improvement. Let’s see what this chicken produced deliciousness can do for us.


Do you dare to give eggs a try?

Why Eggs?

Because your muscles want them more then anything else after a hard workout, that’s why.
Even better, you muscles not only want them, they need them. Let the facts convince you:

  • They make your muscles grow/Repare them
    Probably the best known fact of eggs is that they contain a lot of protein and, as all weightlifters know, a lot of protein in combination with the right strength excercise, makes your muscles grow.
    If an athlete is not looking to grow his muscles then he can still use protein, only in a smaller quantity, this will ensure that the muscles still have the right amount of protein to repair themselves but won’t grown bigger.
  • They reduce cell damage
    Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin and the vitamins A, E and selenium, the beauty of these substances is that they have antioxidant functions, in other words, they reduce the skeletal cell damage that is caused by hard workouts. As a result, your muscles will lose less strength and range of motion during and after workouts.
  • Your muscles will get more oxygen
    Eggs are a fairly good source of Iron, in fact, 2 large eggs (150gram) contain about 3mg of Iron (men need 10mg a day, woman 15g). When the body runs low on Iron, your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the muscles will decrease and therefore performance will drop and you will fatigue more quickly!

Whatever your athletic goal may be, eggs are a great food source to keep your muscles in optimal condition and help your iron levels stay on track. For optimal athletic performance, eat an egg!


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