About AthleticAthlete.com

“To make people more concious about the way they treat themselves, physically as wel as mentally and help them with achieving a more balanced and rewarding way of life. ”

That is the motto of AthleticAthlete.com and that is what drives me to write these articles for you.
To keep things simple, this blog is about helping you become a better athlete everyday.

How can this blog help you with that? you may wonder.
If you take a browse through the articles you will distinguish 4 different categories:

The amount of categories. For the folks that are a bit more visual. Or like images. Like I do.

Look Back Sunday
These blogs are updates about my personal experiences regarding my own fitness goals (Finishing an Ironman! :)) This way I try to give you an overview of what I’m currently up to so you know what you can expect in the future. I try to keep things as clear as possible so you get the best possible blog experience and know what is going on! If anything is unclear you can always contact me! Don’t be scared, I only bite occasionally ;).

Where LBS’s are more there to inform you about what I’m up to, Ironman articles are more about the personal experiences I had and the way they made me feel, how I handled them and how other Ironman handle them. Unlike the LBS’s these articles are more informative and useful for athletes that are trying to improve. Under this category you will also find some entertaining “How-to’s” related to Ironman/Triathlon Training.

– Food & Diet
Here you will find articles about healthy eating, weight loss and in the near future you will also find articles that relate to eating with a specific goal, for example: Muscle Gaining or Triathlon. I only just started so give me some time 🙂

All we can do know is love food and wait.

All we can do know is love food and wait for new articles to arrive 🙂

– Mindset
What would an AthleticAthlete be without a mind to back him up at moments that he’s having a hard time? Nothing.
In this category you will find articles related to all things mindset, so to say. At this point there are still not that many articles, but again, give me some time!^^

After reading the Ironman section you may feel like this is not an Athlete blog but more of a TRIathlete blog. If you thought this then, currently, yeah, you are right. Thing is, I don’t have fellow writers, I am 19 years old and I can only write out of my own experience (and since I only started to take excercising seriously since 1 year, I don’t yet have that much experience. However, my experience grows everyday). It would be a strange decision to write articles about muscle gaining when you are 6’1 and weigh in at 145 pounds (that’s me).

Let’s not be that guy.

It’s called AthleticAthlete because I (and hopefully some guest writers) will undertake a lot more then just triathlon aka. more articles that are related to different kinds of sports/fitness. So it’s called AthleticAthlete because, looking into the future, you will find a lot more then triathlon articles!

All I can say is that I hope that I can help you and that we can form a great community of AthleticAthletes!

– Stefan Kleinekoort

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