My Last Ever Post.

Now that the end of this summer holiday, and thereby the official end of my Ironman sabbatical, is almost here, I have come to a realization.
I’m not going to sugarcoat it so let’s get this over with.

I’m stopping with blogging.

Yes, I am. Let me explain why.
This blog was set-up because I wanted to set an example, you know, ”If an 18 year old with no experience can do an Ironman, then I can do it” kind of example. In the meanwhile it was also a good way for me to reflect on what was going on in my life.
During the time that I have been blogging this blog slowly turned into a Ironman diary-Athlete helpdesk kind of blog, basically because I was trying to clear a path for the future, I wanted to continue blogging and since I wasn’t going to do an Ironman I had to think of something.

This was until I came to a realization in the highlands of Northern-Spain while walking a pelgrimage called the ”Camino de Santiago”.
The realization was simple, I want to do the things I do with 100% effort, in my opinion there’s no point in doing something 60% and then wondering why it isn’t working. With this mentality I either have 2 options: give a 100% at blogging or stop.
I choose the second one, why? because blogging is not my passion.
Doing an Ironman was and out of that passion came this blog.
Now that my Ironman is over I come to the realization that blogging itself is not what I like to do, and if you don’t enjoy blogging, then why do would you have a blog?

So, this will be my final post on this blog.

With the second year of my college education starting next week it is time to make time for new experiences, new things I can learn and new impulses.

I wish everybody the best with his/her athletic practices and dreams, I will also keep on being an athlete, just without this blog.
And the next time you’re having a rough time, remember: If and 18 year old with no experience can do an Ironman, then you can do whatever you set your mind too!.
Love for you all! 🙂

See you at the last week of August!

I will be on a holiday in Spain from the 1st of August till the 21st of August.

In other words, you won’t see any posts appear in the next 3 weeks!

After that I will be rocking this blog again to provide you with great information for all athletes!

If you still want to read athletic post, take a look at the Athletic Athlete Twitter Account, It will be posting even when I’m gone!

See you then, Have a great holiday!

Athletic Food: Eggs for Athletes


Last 2 times we saw that Watermelon & Avocado can help athletes perform better, this time we are moving away from the fruit and are taking on one of the most basic foods out there: The Egg.

Yes, eggs. The simple egg may look like it can do fairly little for anybody, I mean, it’s just an egg. Still the science says that eggs can help all sorts of athletes that are serious about their athletic improvement. Let’s see what this chicken produced deliciousness can do for us.


Do you dare to give eggs a try?

Why Eggs?

Because your muscles want them more then anything else after a hard workout, that’s why.
Even better, you muscles not only want them, they need them. Let the facts convince you:

  • They make your muscles grow/Repare them
    Probably the best known fact of eggs is that they contain a lot of protein and, as all weightlifters know, a lot of protein in combination with the right strength excercise, makes your muscles grow.
    If an athlete is not looking to grow his muscles then he can still use protein, only in a smaller quantity, this will ensure that the muscles still have the right amount of protein to repair themselves but won’t grown bigger.
  • They reduce cell damage
    Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin and the vitamins A, E and selenium, the beauty of these substances is that they have antioxidant functions, in other words, they reduce the skeletal cell damage that is caused by hard workouts. As a result, your muscles will lose less strength and range of motion during and after workouts.
  • Your muscles will get more oxygen
    Eggs are a fairly good source of Iron, in fact, 2 large eggs (150gram) contain about 3mg of Iron (men need 10mg a day, woman 15g). When the body runs low on Iron, your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the muscles will decrease and therefore performance will drop and you will fatigue more quickly!

Whatever your athletic goal may be, eggs are a great food source to keep your muscles in optimal condition and help your iron levels stay on track. For optimal athletic performance, eat an egg!

Innocent Orange Juice

A Natural Product and Its Beatiful Simplicity

Innocent Orange Juice

Today I stumbled upon a thing I see to little or better said never, like never ever.
In this society were food mainly consist of concentrate this, E number that, powder form such, take a pill so, I (and I think many others) had concluded that it is impossible to make a fresh natural product that doesn’t contain any of the above mentioned substances.

Why had I concluded that? I don’t know.
Mainly because I thought that in the process of, for example, making orange juice freshy pressed oranges would expire before they hit the shelves of our local supermarkets.
This thought didn’t necessarily came from the fact that I believed it, I mean, Subway makes sandwiches with fresh products so why wouldn’t our supermarkets be able to provide us with that?
No, it came from the thought of ”If it would be possible then somebody would have already made it happen”.

Though this thought has lived in my unknowing mind for quit a while, today was the day that it had to make place for a new one, because I stumbled upon Innocent Orange Juice.
Allow me to let you read the ingredient list of this exact product.

Innocent Orange Juice Ingredients

See what I mean?

Since it doesn’t say it in English (though I bet you have guessed it by now) it states that Innocent Orange Juice contains 11 freshly pressed oranges. Not anymore, not any less. Freshly pressed oranges.
When you flip the bottle you eye sees this:

Innocent Vowels

Amazing huh?

To summarise it:

  • No concentrate. Ever.
  • the bottle is 25% recycable
  • !0% of their profit goes to charity.

In all it’s simplicity Innocent makes a product that, in my opinion is an example for the rest of the food industry.
Yes, E numbers are cheaper then real oranges. Yes, concentrate is too.
However the beauty of a natural product, marketed in a way that we as consumers can see as honest and at the same time showing that your company has a concious and realistic vision of how a product should be, you just can’t put a value on that.
A great product for healthy, concious people and athletes  around the world.

Off-Season Detoxing and Your Opinion

Strange World

I’m living in a strange world lately, a strange, strange world.
With Ironman out the door things have changed, my physical activity has dropped (still active but ofcourse a LOT less) and free time is reaching an all year high. Strangely enjoyable is what I would call it.

It is clear that my body and my mind are taking a break and with this has come also a ‘dip’ in blogging creativity.
For this I would like to say: I’m sorry.
Fact is that Ironman, and the eventfull hours of training that came with it, where the main inspiration source for this blog and now I have to find that back in another way.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying but it is not yet coming, because of one reason: I’m going on a 3 week holiday very soon (1st of August to be exact).

‘Holiday’ that is. Me, my father, sister and girlfriend are going to walk 350 kilometres striaght through the countryside of Spain to the pelgrim city of Santiago de Compostela. Really looking forward to that but it is kind of stopping me from actually blogging.

Sister, Father, Me, Girlfriend. The prove that we are actually doing this.

Also, remember that Ironman Frankfurt was only 2,5 week ago so I am not yet able to do some real training. So now you know what is coming up for me, let me tell you what the future of this blog will be:

  • September/October:
    I’m going to do strength training to get fitter for my next triathlon year! So expect strength training related content for this period 🙂
  • November/December:
    For this period I’m planning to focus on getting better at cycling and swimming so the content will take a tour that way.
  • January >
    From here I am planning on getting back into all 3 disciplines of triathlon but who knows, maybe I will stumble on something interesting in the mean time!

Note: All the periods will include the Athletic Food Blogs I write on Monday, since you have been showing to like them 🙂

But first: Holiday. I really need a break after this year of training so 3 weeks of walking will be a good way to relax!
After that I will be back with a whole lot of new content ready to stuff your athletic minds with new information.

But wait, there’s more!

Before you leave I want to ask you one question:
What would you want me to write about? Since I write this blog for YOU I am hoping that you want to give me feedback on the content that you find interesting. Seriously, tell me and I will write it! You can either tell me in the comments below or tweet me on Twitter 🙂 I hope you take the oppertunity!

Here’s a picture that emphasizes how much I want you to tell me!